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Service Offerings & Plans

We offer a variety of services and service plans to support your company's every IT need.

Services We Offer

Managed IT Services

We provide a full suite of manage IT services for your business. Let us be your full time IT department without the high cost of having it in-house. Our techs will monitor your network and backups to identify problems before they occur and keep things running smoothly.  We provide help desk support, as well as managed anti-virus and managed network infrastructure.

Help Desk Support

Our technicians are on standby to handle IT issues and answer questions for your staff. We have the capability of assisting your staff remotely, in order to expedite service and prevent down time waiting for an on-site visit.  Support requests are documented via ticketing system so that you can review the issues by user or device, the resolution and the time it took to resolve.

Cloud Services

We offer a suite of cloud solutions to help make your workforce more flexible. We have the expertise and knowledge to be able to roll out an entirely private cloud infrastructure for your business, including virtual servers and workstations. This is the most flexible and scalable solution for fast paced growth and companies with a widely distributed work force.

VoIP Phone Systems

Many businesses are leveraging the benefits of Voice Over IP phone solutions. These phone systems utilize your internet connection for voice, as opposed to traditional copper lines. We utilize cloud based systems that can significantly reduce your monthly costs for voice service, while adding a whole host of new features. We will analyze your current phone bill and show you the savings. These systems are especially useful for businesses with several locations.

Cybersecurity Solutions

We offer a full suite of cybersecurity products and have offerings from several different vendors to fit your company's needs.  Some of these offerings include Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) software, next-gen antivirus, multi-factor authentication solutions, anti-spam with identity protection, domain protection and link protection.  Most of the insurance companies that offer cybersecurity insurance are now requiring some of these solutions before they will insure you.

Network Infrastructure

Our engineers have the expertise to design and implement the perfect infrastructure solution to meet your company's needs. We will identify the needs of your company, whether it be working on large CAD files or just simply every day documents, and tailor a solution to accomplish that task in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.  If you prefer not to purchase your infrastructure outright, we offer LTS owned managed infrastructure options as well.

Service Plans

Service Plans

We offer several standardized plans to meet the needs of your business, or we can custom tailor a solution for you if there are special circumstances that require it. 

Essentials Plan

Essential Protection

The Essentials Plan includes monitoring, maintenance and managed anti-virus for your systems. We proactively maintain your systems and backups so that things run smoothly for your staff and your data is protected.

Professional Plan

Full Service

The Professional Plan includes everything that the Essentials Plan does, but it also includes Unlimited Remote Support.  This is our most popular plan and it gives your staff the freedom to get support when they need it.

Elite Plan

Full Service with EDR

The Elite Plan includes everything in the other two plans, except it replaces your managed anti-virus with industry leading Endpoint Detection & Response software, the ultimate security solution for protecting your network. 

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